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Biking safari in Enduimet

Biking safari in Enduimet

Since I work fulltime as a researcher and I am also a mother, I have moments in which I realize that full investment in my marriage is much needed. I am grateful that on 16 July, Ben and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a long-wished dream of doing a biking safari in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area.

Biking safaris are not possible in the national parks, simply because it is too dangerous with the big cats being around. Or at least, that would be my reason not to do it there. But Enduimet Wildlife Management Area does not have lions or leopards, although in the past year when COVID came, lions have been sighted. Still, it is considered safe enough for biking.

As such it was a great weekend with my husband in one of the most pure and beautiful areas of Northern Tanzania. Seeing many of marriages of people close to me being broken in the past year, I am even more grateful that we were able to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our transcultural marriage with this fantastic activity. Cycling with giraffes and elephants in the wild. Who does not want that?

I want to thank Caracal Tours & Safaris and cyclistkilimanjarotz for organizing this great trip and of course, Ben, for this trip, but more so for ten fantastic years in this beautiful country with our two wonderful kids.