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Inspiration from Africa Amini Alama

Inspiration from Africa Amini Alama

Last weekend, I had to visit a lodge with regards to my work for Caracal Tours & Safaris. Too bad, as having to stay in true Africa with a comfortable bed and shower and fantastic food is a really disturbing retreat during the busy life of a working mam in Tanzania. Luckily, I could bring the kids and we had another fantastic weekend.

Maasai Lodge – Africa Amini Life

We had been to Maasai Lodge before and the kids loved it. So, it was a surprise for us that we

Maasai playing with his spear

were invited again to the lodge. But this time, we could experience some activities, which we didn’t do last time. Staying in Maasai Lodge gives you the true African feeling. In the middle of nowhere between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, on a bunch of small hills, you will find this great place with a large number of happy Maasai who are very much willing to shown their life to you. And you do not get the feeling of going to a zoo watching some Maasai dance who later try to sell you their souvenirs. No, here it feels genuine. Activities such as spear throwing, nature walks and a sunset dance are done by happy Maasai without you being forced to participate and without you feeling watching a show. The kids love the place. Great views of both mountains, lovely food, a superb hot shower and an infinity pool watching the plains of West Kilimanjaro make the picture complete. But we were also shown some other properties of Africa Amini Life which are in the more greener area of Momella at the foot of Mount Meru and looked beautiful as well. But that wasn’t all.


Momella hospital – Africa Amini Alama

Momella Hospital

I had the privilege to meet with Dr. Christine and Dr. Cornelia. I spend a long time with Dr. Christine, an Austrian Doctor who came to Tanzania when she was over her sixties and started Momella hospital. Soon, her daughter Cornelia also got involved. Besides conventional medicine, both doctors are also providing healing services. And I have to say, I have never seen such a hospital in Tanzania before. It is so clean. Each ward has six beds with a toilet and shower.

Talking with Dr. Christine

Care and operations are given for free for those in need. Maasai (and wameru) come from all over the place to get care in this hospital. Besides the hospital, Africa Amini Alma also does social projects, education (primary schools and secondary school) and permaculture. The profits from Africa Amini Life all go to African Amini Alama and besides that they receive a lot of donations from Europe.

I got very inspired after seeing all this and I really envy Dr. Christine and Dr. Cornelia who are doing such good work in an area that is off the beaten track. Talking about life in Tanzania with Dr. Christine was very inspiring and motivating. She and her daughter and the whole team of Africa Amini Alama and Africa Amini Life are doing fantastic work for those in need. I hope they will be able to continue with this and make their projects even bigger.


With Caracal Tours & Safaris Ltd, we will try to incorporate this experience as much as possible in any safari itinerary.